YFN Lucci – 200 Years

200 Years – YFN Lucci Lyrics, Letra:
Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh
Uh, uh, uh-uh, uh, uh

Valet park that Ghost, I be doin’ the most
I just pulled up ten foreigns in a row, eeny, miny, moe
I just threw like ten racks on a ho
I threw like twenty thousand the day before, yeah (Yeah)
Fuck you niggas shootin’ at a ghost, you ain’t hit a soul
I know all my dawgs, they all go and they don’t miss a foe
Thinkin’ ‘bout should I let ‘em go, I put ‘em in that scope
Boy, you better go and slide for big bro and you better not choke
Remember days I was broke, valet park that Ghost
Ain’t no umbrellas in the doors, we got too many poles
We got automatics, we on go, we want plenty smoke
I could smoke a whole pound and still gon’ want plenty smoke
And Lord, I hate they kill one of my niggas
Lord, I hate my nigga doin’ some years behind these niggas (Huh)
And some tellin’ me not to, but I still wanna go get ’em
And even if we drop two, we still tryna get triple
And for my dawg I’m doin’ two hundred years
Or a hundred years, I pray that God forgive me
For my dawg I’d do a hundred years
Or two hundred years, I pray that God forgive me
For them dudes in the street every night
Told me I was gonna get rich, he ain’t never lied
I told you I would never sell my soul, I ain’t never tried
A nigga done killed my dawg, now the tears all in my eye
For my dawg
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