YN Jay – Gotta Get Rich

Gotta Get Rich – YN Jay Lyrics Letra:
(Ooooh, Sav, killed it)

Aye, even when I spend my money, I was still grinding
Even when I stood in the shade, I was still shinin’
Even when I seen the avalanche, I was still climbin’
I been in the A, but where I stay, niggas still dyin’
Fell off, bounced right back, I was still tryin’
Got caught cheatin’ on my bitch, I be still lyin’
Plane just landed, but I’m high, I was still flyin’
In the kitchen cookin’ in the lab, it was real science
Okay, I sell all the drugs, but I still buy it
Gabe died a couple years back, but I’m still cryin’
Knew I was gon make it, had to wait, it was still timin’
Told Mama I just wanna shine, like a real diamond
Even when I park my car, I was still drivin’
I just took a bitch on a date, it was a real dine-in
You ever been to Coochie Land? It’s a real island
I told B I fucked C, but she still whinin’
Aye, I can’t play with you
I’ma fuck you good and leave, I can’t stay with you
Too much goin’ on, I got plays, I can’t make it too
Lookin’ at my life, I stepped back, had to paint the view
Oh my bad, I thought a lame nigga said somethin’
Niggas talk crazy, see you out, they ain’t sayin’ nothin’
Nigga tried to take the whole loaf, see the bread comin’
Boom, they kicked down the door, now the feds comin’
(Baby come here, let me talk to you real quick) Aye, I can’t play with you
I just poured a whole 8, but I ate it too
Hold onnnnnnn, I put it on my chicken
Treat the Odell like gravy, put it on my biscuit
Nigga said that he was gon do what? I put him on my hit list
My young dawg ain’t never got no pussy, put him on my thick bitch
Bitch gave me head while I was drivin’, she done grabbed the stick shift
Nigga flashin’ all his unemployment, oh you think you rich rich
Lil D came ? with the ?, put him on my ?
Lil D my like my muthafuckin’ brother, ain’t no fuckin’ switchin’
I done made my mind up, this who I’ma get rich with

I done came too far to lose, know I gotta get rich
(I gotta get rich my nigga, You feel me? I can’t stop now)
I done came too far to lose, know I gotta get rich
(I gotta get rich my nigga, that’s what I dreamed about)
I done came too far to lose, know I gotta get rich
(I do this shit for my Momma and my little brother kids)
I done came too far to lose, know I gotta get rich

Shout out to my muthafuckin’ brothers that I been grindin’ with through this shit, man since I was young
Shout out to the niggas that, support me
Shout out to the bitches that support me
Shout out to my Momma
Shout out to my Daddy
Shout out to my Granny, my grandad, my brothers, my sisters
Big shout out to Rio and Louie Ray man
I love y’all niggas
RMC Mike, my muthafuckin’ brothers man
We gotta get rich
Quavis, I ain’t forget about you
Yeah, alright Kidd
My fuckin’ brother man

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