Yoo Zeus – Mary Birthday

Letra “Yoo Zeus – Mary Birthday” Official Lyrics

Happy Birthday ni🤬 it’s the worst day of your life
Your worthless life just got another day in your time
I wonder why, you got another day in your life
It’s such a crime, you haven’t used your timing right

Have you got a co-sign with a ni🤬
Who makes more money
Coz all your songs are good but
Rap is so funny

Your career is a joke
And that is not funny

After two years you still
Haven’t made more money

Do you understand the
Gravity of the situation
The dedication needed for
This passion you have
And I’m just speculating
But if I have to keep it real
You are not amazing

You just a rapper with ten fans
That love your actions
And don’t be telling me
“I do this for the satisfaction”

Classic lie
You don’t wanna be average
You don’t wanna eat whole foods
You don’t wanna be savage
You don’t wanna eat at home
You don’t want that carbage
You don’t wanna be all alone
But you love seeing carnage

And it’s easy to say you’re real
But this place is rubbish

You wake up and make change
But ni🤬 is selfish
Talking about black lives matter
But ni🤬 is savage
How you don’t father a nation
With all the racing that you do
Behind cottons And we facing
Segregation is the patient
That we need, but now we pacing
To become what our ancestors fought
For without the passion

And I’m serious
This is not a joke
Can I be your friend
Without a single poke

How is society gon live
Without a f🤬Ken phone

And yet I’m writing
All these lines on
My f🤬Ken phone

Side note
I tell the cops that I got robbed, and they tell me I should stop
Walking around in the dark, but wait, isn’t your job
To keep me from getting shot, they say I should stop
I’m like damn what the f🤬k, they like Sir keep it down
I’m like f🤬k yall, from the commander to the n🤬a who runs yall

Yall can line up to suck my 🍆 with a thick straw
We outche tryna live this life and get with the big boys
N🤬s like you keep us down like the graveyard

And 💩 I’m supposed to be happy
It’s my birthday and I’m rapping like crazy
Lemme take a minute to be thankful for safety
I am still alive and all your boyfriends are crazy

I am so big I feel like Mc Cwest, you know the rest
N🤬s wanna search my past, they such a pest
They thinking they can really last, I’m the reason these
N🤬 think I’m the best with a pen

I am not like the rest, the yungings, they be calling me fresh
I’m not like what you knew once way back in the past
N🤬s say they got me but that’s a sad story
I’m tryna focus, get this money, get this f🤬Ken glory

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