Young Dolph – Corduroy Houseshoes

Corduroy Houseshoes – Young Dolph Lyrics Letra:
Interlude: Ron, Young Dolph, Ron’s Friend
What y’all was doin’ in middle school?
What middle school you went to, Ron?
I went to, what middle school? Airways
Where my Daddy went to?
Went to Magnolia, Airways, then went to Hamilton
There wasn’t no Cord back then?
Yeah, Cord, but we got busted, we got busted
Where my Daddy go to?
Bust up
Oh, okay, okay
My Daddy went to Airways too?
Yeah, your daddy went to Airways, nigga
Me and your dad went to school from the first to the twelfth together
Shut your mouth, man
Yup, first to twelfth
First grade to the twelfth grade, graduated in ’70, 1977
What high school? What y’all was doin’ in high school?
Man, man, pimpin’
Man, your man, your daddy used to have one-pockets on, nigga
You don’t know ‘bout no one-pocket
Your daddy used to wear a slack one-pocket, nigga, with house shoes, nigga
With a silk t-shirt and silk drawers
And a ? 0:51, nigga, with the ? drugs in it, nigga
Your daddy sold a lot of drugs, nigga
Nigga, you had a, you had a uncle, nigga, you had a uncle, nigga
Uncle Vic was the man, nigga, are you crazy? (Haha)
This nigga had it back goin’ on back in the day
He kept all tooted and booted
Your daddy used to wear one-pockets, nigga
If you had some one-pockets on, nigga, you, you had arrived, nigga
One-pocket zip pants with house shoes, corduroy house shoes?
Man, he was it
Hell no
Man, your man, your dad was it, top dawg, nigga
Back in the day, pimp
Tellin’ you, man, your dawg was it
Dolph had the ‘do, nigga, this nigga Dolph had the ‘do, nigga, haha
He had the what?
Your daddy had the ‘do, nigga
Your daddy had the process, nigga
Your daddy went to the beauty shop to get his hair did, nigga
He had no curl, this nigga had, this nigga had the
He had the, the-the-the permanent, nigga, haha
You don’t know nothin’ ‘bout that
Hell no, bro
What you know about that?
Today’s my boy birthday
I know it’s his birthday, man, I wish I was down there, man
Yeah, he-he-he, he been, he been had his birthday I come and see him
I’m finna come and kick it with him for a minute then I gotta go to work
My nigga’s birthday today, yup
But let me, let me get to eatin’ my cornflakes, man
I’ma holler at you a little later, Dolph
Good to talk to you, man
Alright, love you, Ron
Alright, love you too, Dolph

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