Young M.A – Bake Freestyle

Bake Freestyle – Young M.A
Lyrics, Letra:
Fuck what hater think about me
if I feel it ima put it on a album (okay!).
I’m tryna get this income and honestly I could give a fuck about the outcome. (Okay!)
Just looking for a reason to even keep rapping and finally I found one.( okay!)
They just tryna knock you down and you would be a fool if you allow them.
M.A pick ya crown up!

Last minute in the fourth quarter I was down one,
then I hit that fade away jumper shut the whole crowd up.
Feeling like tyson knocking niggas out in round 1, fuck being number two I’m coming for that pound one.
I need a bad bitch and a down one
cause fucking with them hoes getting old,
id rather come home to my own by a stove,
aint nothing like pussy when you coming off the road.
Ima eat that pussy to the bone, “M.A you nasty”, shut up bitch im grown.
Only going platinum gold aint a goal,
Tunnel vision I feel like I’m looking through a cone and the street still rocking with me pocket rocking got it with me. (Glttttt)
All that tough shit and don’t you try it with me
Keep a lion with me just in case,
Make a motor mouth nigga hit the brakes.

Wrist drippin like I dipped it in a lake I don’t care bitches curve me cause my chicken straight.
Sippin ace with lobster on my dinner plate, eating great
make your bitch feed me grapes she got a evil face with a serena cake.
Close my curtains on a hater let em see the drapes.
I keep my money a mystery cause i dont know who a friend or a enemy
Never let em see what you make (facts!) niggas told me get em so ima get em (get em) and we aint drippin in sauce we drippin in venom, that’s snakes on the denim smelling that toxic.
I got a brick in my pocket cause I don’t carry a wallet, promote money stop promoting that violence.
But that’s word to James Harden we still holding the rockets.
I dont want to be the plug man call me the opposite cause what’s really the plug without the sockets.
My money loud, yours on moment of silence (shhhh!)
Everything quiet, everything silent
The problem is you broke niggas dont know how to be honest
When I was broke son I was broke but I got up and grind it (okay)
Ima cheap motherfucker tho, I love it though.
I get the money and I hold it for hostage.
Got the big yoppa, let that bitch sleep in the closet.
If I wake her up best believe she screaming and hollering. (Boom boom boom)
So stay ya ass off of my property,
I live in the mountains I let your bitch see the horizon.
Last night she let me poke her like haness.
Thought the bitch was puerto rican found out she was scottish.
We live in two different worlds we have nothing in common, long as she know to open up
and let me put it inside her.
White car, brown seats look like a henny colada.
Made the audi matte black, license plate say wakanda.
My bitch say she mad at me I just bought her designer and some 30 inch brazilian now she think she chewbacca I’m cool kinda
but I’m standing in fire like who’s hotter.

I’m one in a million like blue lobster my swag sick, my drip come with a few doctors
and a lifeguard
just so I won’t drown in my drip,
32 thous on my wrist pool bound with a bitch.
You in pictures with your gang
That’s ten clowns in a pic, bozos!
Wanna be gangstas for other niggas, that’s why none of this bitches is fucking with you stupid (Stupid! Stupid!)
Ya niggas tryna flex for other niggas man that’s ya problem man,
Ya out here tryna flex for other niggas man.
All these bitches around and ya out here tryna flex for these niggas
Fucking weirdos!
That’s why y’all don’t get no hoes!

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