Your Old Droog – RST ft. MF DOOM & Mach-Hommy

Lyrics, Letra: RST – Your Old Droog ft. MF DOOM & Mach-Hommy
Intro: Your Old Droog
Yo, turn on the evening news, yo
(Which channel?)
They said King Kong is back
I heard it on the radio early
(Shit, you turn it up)

Verse 1: Your Old Droog
Ayo, people hear Droog like, “Where the hell you was at?
We been waitin’ on you”
And you still ain’t on top? Must be hatin’ on you
Them clowns shook if they don’t wanna endorse yous
Mad ‘cause you on their heels like horseshoes
I thought it was good luck
Cassius don’t wanna get surpassed, that would suck
Aw shucks, what a bummer
If I can speak candidly, I give ‘em the beats
Single-handedly like Def Leppard drummer
Pour some sugar on me, get the boujee bitch and the hood booger on me
From your niece to your auntie
Sister to your mummy
These old references’ll make ya grandma love me
Slide through her crib with a box of Godiva
Reverse pile drive her then watch some Night Rider and McGyver
Next week Barney Miller and Matlock, we was tryna get iller
‘Stead of perpetrating the drug dealer a killer
Went from Curious George to Magilla Gorilla
Couldn’t make it go away if I wanted, this thing strong
Final evolution King Kong

Verse 2: MF DOOM
Yeah, stay home, sip mixed rugged, chicks love it
Baboon rappers, illegit mimes and muppets
Yucked up the game like pigswine McNuggets
Get the yap back, smack him, spitshine ya mullet
Clowns and clones sneaky as skull and bones
Wiretaps buggin’ phones, keys to a dozen homes
They movin’ all amongst us until they cover’s blown
Real weirdo shit, take you up out your comfort zone
Elephant in the room, King Kong on the couch
Remain elegant and in tune with what’s pourin’ out the mouth
Pause after saying, “Ho,” got her to stay or go
The latter room service at the Marriot layin’ low
Call it what it is, it is as it does
Pop three of them blue joints, I didn’t catch a buzz
Favorite rhymin’ villain actin’ on a hunch
In the lobby brushin’ off a bunch of fuzz
Clingin’ on ‘em, King Kong

Verse 3: Mach-Hommy
Peace, the swindle was finagle grease
Egoist, you all thumbs like thimbles, fool, you ain’t no G
Smear the Kool-Aid, your heart pump on the door like passover
I told you on that menu, I don’t play no D
I told you I would bend you like light through a prism
I told you I would send you like a kite, you wouldn’t listen
I told you I’d be in and out your life, you couldn’t picture
I’m too official, them bitches come hither
You just now seein’ pixels on pictures, you dumb-titious
It’s fuck y’all fake niggas, y’all nutritious
Beer lagerheads with life changing events, ? the quince
Just like a Copperhead, we take the left, snake the ?
As far as I can tell he ain’t from here, ay come here

Verse 4: Your Old Droog
Yo, let me take it from there like what a jerk
Catch the body and merk
Got one verse that’ll body your whole body of work
End you, send you to the spittle toy
Do your hero like Hiroshima, (What?) drop that little boy
Like Harry Truman, in your car like Gary Numan
In advance, ayy, in this landscape I’m barely human
Doin’ what few men have done, it got ‘em fumin’
Get a good look at this, gotta zoom in
? the next person who even look at him wrong
Come and catch this fade like Kim Jong
All that boom bam bip bap bang
Swing pong then I bang on my chest like

Outro: Sean Price
King Kong, King Kong, King Kong in the place
King Kong, King Kong in the place
Big gun, watch the bullet, bing bong in your face

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