YUKI UNKNOWN – 2014 was a great year

Letra “YUKI UNKNOWN – 2014 was a great year” Official Lyrics

Verse 1

Yeah, eyepatch on, got that hook hand, cold hard metal through your shoulder
You’ll be dead by the dawn, won’t be talking for long
When I show you all my skills, all these stupid rap songs, yeah (Hello!)
Call me Earl, with some rap songs that I put out
Leaping at your face with the fangs all sharp out
Watch me in the cams, call that CCTV
When I’m sneaking to your next show, you won’t see me, uh
I can’t stand to wait another day
Impatient and volatile, I’m just tryna make some headway
Checking off my list of the things I wanna get
Trying to find my style, sca-scary like the Marionette, uh (Hi!)
Peeking through your walls, saying “Hi,” break the protocol
I don’t do no eyе contact, call me Leandoer
Think that you’rе superior, decking out in all Velour
I think that you’re dumb as shit with delusions of grandeur

Verse 2

2014 was a great year
2017 was a great year
2021 been a strange year
Daft Punk broke up, KOS came up
I got right into the groove of things, making rap shit
Busted out a couple features, and I never lacked with it
Carbon fiber guillotine on me whenever I leave out my place
You can’t ever take my place, looking all complacent
2016 was a bad year
2020, yeah, that was a bad year
2019 was a strange year
Love in Revolution and There’s Something In The Water… now


Walk up in the club with my jacket full of flyers
Get my name noticed by any means
Please don’t ever talk shit on me


Shut your ******* mouth
I don’t wanna hear it
I’m gon hip check you to the ground
Lace my boots and stomp you out, uh

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