Letra “YUKI UNKNOWN – HAUNT3R !” Official Lyrics


Beat switch, give ‘em whiplash, put ‘em through hell
Sounding nasty when I rap, go in like I’m splinter cell, uh
Talking all that smack, but you can’t do shit
You a bitch, I bet all your money counterfeit
Make a stack just by spitting on the track (No)
I don’t get enough attention for the shit that I’ve been doing
Going at it ever since 14, started off as AERØ
And I’m still a nobody, turn into a fiend, yeah


Go, Haunter! Hit ‘em with a shadow ball
I don’t care at all, I’m not listening anymore
If you wanna find me then you better hunt me down
Covered in some blood and lavender, bitch I ain’t no ameteur
Go Gengar! Hit ‘em with a sucker punch
Dressing like a grunge star, fast like it’s NASCAR
Supercharged like a ZL1, hear me roar, yeah
No one thinks about you anymore, get off the dance floor

Verse 2: H.75

Yeah you pissed
Tryna be like me
You can see me on some building
Yeah I rest in fiji
It’s the bullshit you be causing, you motherfuckers be droppin
Come into my hood and then you fuckers, you be walking out
No remorse, you be dropping to your knees, finna blow me
Finna cop a bag, finna buy a Porsche, it’s not enough
I need more, more horses in the body

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