Letra “YUKI UNKNOWN – Low-poly” Official Lyrics


One, two
One, two

What, what, I ain’t playing games, ain’t no PlayStation
When I get the place busting out a move, get a move on
Don’t you stare for too long
Nemesis, I got a rocket launcher, make the place boom
Get a boomstick, I don’t need a double barrel
Got a gunsword, and my lion heart, better press start
If you see me, that’s survival horror, watch me track you down
Let the dogs out, jumping through the window, cry about it

Polygonal pistol whipping, Silent Hill you’re going missing
Turn you to a manikin, I’m not Skywalker, Anakin
GranTurismo second, if you’ve got a couple seconds
I’m an Alfa, just like 155, I don’t know romeo
J-J-Juliet, I’ve got mine right up at my side
We drifting in that Corvette, got the windows tinted ain’t no police yet
Talk that shit just tell me more
I might send a Pyramid Head up to your front door
Block the back door, black Porsche

Verse 2: teardrop5k

Me and Yuki in that takahashi!!, better move with caution
‘Cause we coming with the blades, the metal hit your body dropping
I ain’t wanna have to do it, but he did it, so I got him
Now he reaching for the rifle, I’mma have to start a problem
Bitch we coming for the prophecy, the pockets out my denim
Bitch I’m money spending, crazy bro we living
And me and your boy

Eating shrimp for dinner, I’m a fucking sinner
What the fuck you want? Bitch, I’m fucking up
Pussy fucking up, smoke inside my fucking lungs
And it’s push to start, bitch it’s GTR, huh, yeah
GTX, watch me count up checks
Shout out Yuki bro, he put me on the fucking track
I know these pussies mad, because it’s talent that they fucking lack
What, what, bitch

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