Yung Gravy & bbno$ – Early Afternoon Stroll

Early Afternoon Stroll – Yung Gravy & bbno$
Lyrics, Letra:
(Intro: Yung Gravy}:
Jason Rich on the beat

(Verse 1: Yung Gravy}:
Oh shit, why the flow so mean
Your bitch heard of one so she got pipe dreams (woah)
Boy quite clean, got a bitch Eileen, and I’m frozen like ice cream (baby)
Said she on that Gravy Train, you can bet it’s permanent
Now she on that Gravy Plane, hit her with the turbulence

(Verse 2: bbno$}:
Girly just thought I was down (what)
But I’m just curvin’ it (oh my god)
Call the ambulance
Booty analysis (skr skr skr)
Check on my wrist
Diamonds so fabulous
Gold on my amulet
I’m flexin’ extravagant
Diamonds so scandalous (skrrrr)

(Verse 3: Yung Gravy}:
I’m in the kitchen with Bisquick
I always stay with a thick chick
I took her out on a picnic
Told me that dick futuristic
Got my wrist glowin’, boy I look like Ben 10
I got hoes in Shenzhen
Smack yo face like Chen Zen

(Verse 4: bbno$}:
Money so fake like it won’t even bend
Send me that yoga ass, give me some zen
Finessin’ yo mom, I’m playin’ her friend
I’m whippin’ a benz, baby on trend
Ay, yo bitch be lookin’ like a Barbie, you ain’t even Ken
And my wrist looking starring shine at night time like Big Ben

(Verse 5: Yung Gravy}:
Got a new bitch, Bohemian
Ain’t a whip that you won’t see me in
I got so much sauce bitch my race is tortellinian
I been gettin’ brazy, but that jazz got me calmer
Three strokes on your bitch, think I’m Arnold Palmer

(Verse 6: bbno$}:
And your mommy up and down on me just like a teeter-totter
Big ‘ol scar, it come right down my forehead, Harry Potter
Expelliarmus with the wrist
Expelliarmus on a bitch
Slowly came off with a flick of the wrist
Went straight to my bed, and she juuging a lick

(Verse 7: Yung Gravy}:
Step on a hater like grip tape
New to my shit you a bit late
I got ya mama in ship-shape
Laying that pipe to my mixtape
Ooo, I take step in the building, I’m icy I’m chilling, I’m sick penicillin
Making a killing, I’m willing to give her the filling
Yo mom at the crib and I’m drillin

(Verse 8: bbno$}:
Can’t dig all the billing
My neck kinda chilling
This game I be killing
Baby (Baby)
Bank I be filling
Stack to a million
Course I be winning with
Gravy (Gravy)
My diamonds be crusted with rubies,love me some boobies, piping your aunt to the movie
Heard that she moody, why is she choosy
Cause I’m a snack and she ate me like Scooby

(Verse 9: Yung Gravy}:
Jug, jug, jug
Finesse your parenthood
Jug, jug, jug, jug, jug
And I pull up on your mom and I give her them goods
Juggin’ the same on your ex (ay)
Juggin’ the way that I flex (ay)
Juggin’ the way that I walk in the building, the first thing I do is get neck (ay)

(Outro: Yung Gravy}:
Jason Rich on the beat baby

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