Yung Gravy – Daddy Aioli Interlude

Daddy Aioli Interlude Lyrics

I’m going crazy, baby, going crazy in this motherfucker
Huh, huh, huh
I can’t even tell you how crazy we goin’
Baby, baby, baby, baby, ooh-hoo-hoo
Hoo-hoo, hoo-hoo

It’s Gravy in this motherfucker
The one and only Mr. Butter
Relaxing with your thot
Daddy Aioli after, uhh, after midnight, though
And Gravy just came in hot baby
Bitch, I feel like Bobby Womack
My diamonds are motherfucking dancing on my wrist, God damn it
We also Stanley Steemin’ a couple OBs, Gushers
Filled with the utmost bosiphorous, baby
That loud pack, that hurt-your-damn-eardrums pack
I ain’t sipping lean
Double cup of gasoline
Bitch, I came on Eileen
I was born at Dairy Queen
That makes me the prince of cream
Bitch, I think I’m clean
Think I’m Dentyne
Think I’m Bruce Springsteen
Fuck that, I’ma marry Charlene
In this bitch feeling pristine
Ay, fuck R. Kelly
I’m a young Antonio Bocelli
When I sing, I make it steam

Feeling sensational, baby, we feeling sensational

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