YungSeventeen – See Mona Kotovass

Letra “YungSeventeen – See Mona Kotovass” Official Lyrics

Yeah, Ah-ahh
(Yeah, yeah)
Eh, YungSeventeen
(Yeah, Cmon)

Nah, I don’t need help
I can do this myself
I only feel good when I’m smoking well
Seventeen made it
They like: ‘Do tell’

Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah
I just woke up
Had to roll me a two piece
Bad bitch said she down
With this, she a groupie
Bad bitch gon’ pull up and
Smoke on my doobie
That bitch want me
To destroy their coochie
I hit it raw, but it ain’t no sushi
I hit it raw it was mooshy

I’m on a whole new game
Fuck a level up
I’m on a whole new wave
Whеn I finally decided
To call the Dеvil up
We the kids that
Your momma said
Don’t hang out with
I was the kid that
Nobody was fucking with

And I feel better
When the blunt hit
And I feel better
When she suck dick
And I’m kinda happy
I didn’t get my wrist slit
And I’m uber happy
That we all lit
And I’m uber happy
‘Cause we the shit

Fuck her, she fell in love
With the dick
I’m so paranoid, at night
I sleep with a stick
They like:’ What happened?
He was a good kid’
If you a Vans
I hope you Off Rid
I don’t know why you
Calling it a style
It’s all mid
I can not hear
What you’re saying
I’m too busy
Making hits
Now I’m on the way
To never be forgotten

Yeah, yeah, yeah
She fall in love
With everything I say
The only way we going
Is my way
Fucked around and got paid
(Yuh, yeah)
Fucked around and got cake
Now I’m sippin’ Wok in my-

Brand new bag, brand new mags
Brand new swag
Brand new everything
And I put all of it
On my tab
I remember couple months ago
I couldn’t afford bread
I remember couple months ago
I was all alone
Crying in my bed

Now they really fuck with me
Yesterday they had no clue about me
Now they wanna fuck me
Now they making fan clubs
About me
Now they want my everything
That I would kick off
For Yung Polo
Gave him a plan

(Yeah, yeah, yeah)
(Doin’ this for Yung Polo)

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