Yury – Void

Void – Yury Lyrics Letra:
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It ain’t easy and that’s why i did
it all this pain and stress reminds
me why i’m living how’s the road seem
vague but also feels so vivid no specifics,
no descriptions, yet still know how to get it

make a move I made it bounce. had to get
in unannounced and you only get a couple
chances so i made it Count skip me with
bullshit imma focus on my sound better
learn my name and proper way that it’s
pronounced B1tch I just elevate Proof is
in the product as I demonstrate they ain’t in my league,
as I go up i watch them relegate ….

All you b1tch ass mother fvckers better get it straight yea…….
ain’t no growth without no grief i fight a war
to find my peace life is fleeting keep it brief and always mind
the words you speak had to take a breather …

they wont notice till i light the fuse like
fvcking ether abstract with a back track looking
at the light and it looks matte black and that ain’t even half bad

Yury – Void

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