Yvng Zach – Intro

Letra “Yvng Zach – Intro” Official Lyrics


Im outside
My location available to the public
I ain’t never hide
We only live once bitch


See I’m toe tagging From a distance Nigga
Robbing these niggas ain’t wearing a mask
Catch a body at a late time
Tie this boy up in a body bag
Trap niggas in the kitchen
Whipping pots up with a surgeon mask
Killers in the woods lurking yeah they hungry tryna earn some cash
Never snitchin on my dawg nigga
That’s a rat move ima do 40yrs
40 Glock and it’s one in the chamber
Swear I was born to kill
Hang w the blues like the color teal
Ima monkey but i ride around w the apes
Niggas bе talking bout they getting cash
Well pussy nigga show mе cake
I was really in the city you play with my niggas
Then ima dumb you in a lake
I was really up at Ruth Chris eating good
Ordered the shrimp and the steak
Ain’t got a license I’m driving restricted
I hope I don’t catch me a case
Having the pints of the lean in the trunk
I might have to go on a high speed chase
Niggas will run to a bitch & lie on yo name
So they can just nut in her face
See me ima keep it a buck
And leave yo duck ass
If I gotta go and walk away
It’s too many hoes in this world
For you to talk on my name nigga
So when I catch you up in traffic
I promise to god I’m putting one in ya brain nigga
I get a thrill off of killing these niggas
I’m bout to go slide on my mask
I think that it’s time 4 a purge
Let’s go hit the bank for some MF cash
Get on the booth and I go so dummy
On these beats ima crash
Bitch ima trapper and nah I ain’t no rapper you know that a young nigga spazz

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