yvngxchris – Foolin’ Around

​Foolin’ Around Lyrics
yvngxchris – Foolin’ Around Lyrics
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Intro: Solange
Brown liquor
Brown sugar, brown face
Brown liquor
Brown sugar, brown braids
Black skin
Black Benz, black plays
Black molasses, blackberry the masses (YukiSX Productions)

Verse: yvngxchris with The-Dream
Shorty keep askin’, like “Chris what you doin'” I told her “Just sittin’ here foolin’ around”
Step in that bitch and everybody know my name, can’t lie, I’m the dude in my town
Gave her the dick one time, now she keep on beggin’ me, “Chris, let’s go one more round”
Goddamn, YukiSX this beat goin’ way too fast, okay, let’s slow this ho down
Matter fact, fuck it, I’m speedin’ that bitch up
Kankan that pussy, I’m beatin’ that bitch up
She suck it sloppy, I can’t even get up
Shorty too ugly, I can’t even get up
Pussy boy hatin’, my racks gettin’ bigger
Ho tryna fuck…


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