Zach Hill – Chapterssssss 6

Letra “Zach Hill – Chapterssssss 6” Official Lyrics

6. Echoes roared through the tunnel with no I.D. and no idea. When the roads reached the tribes it sent signals to the once lone, now not alone minerals. This sparked re-birth for the elements stowed away in their host. On contact echoes clashed with each mineral like slow motions in slow motion.

7. The hosts of the after-party were clueless of the activities taking place inside of thеm. The electricity from thе minerals and audio signals mating with each other carried the individuals closer to the end of the post-pattern battle celebration tunnel. Under the sleeping skins of each Warrior and each Knight, primal energies waged Love Wars on one another.

8. The sound bites of history and elements of everything weaved smoke baskets and blew violent trumpets throughout the core of the hosts.

9. Levitation occurred when the individuals’ bones crystallized with creation. The cycle of elements giving birth and dieing became dying became automated. This process repeated at light speeds causing miniature fires in each tribesman’s mental forest.

10. The bodies hovered closer and closer to home and non-reality. At the tip of the tunnel and the brink of YES AND NO, intensity reached levels of infinity.

11. Flames that were once miniature were now twice a fireball. The bodies of the conflicted had bloomed into a hovering Garden of Heat.

12. Die’s ice cream cone of a grill was now soft-serve and the mass of hot mess struggled with re-entry. It punctured non-reality over and over until finally nature gave it permission to not exist. In a flap of a hawk’s wing, the tunnel evaporated and the fireball floated aimlessly over the blood red plains of YES AND NO.

13. On the grounds below in the center of The Crop Squares, the rind of the sun sat on a positive rock. It was now long dehydrated by the new sun’s volcanoes birthed in celebration. It looked comfortable among its own tears that had claimed The Pastures.

14. The Garden of Heat had yet to harvest a Grasswarrior or a Knight. It hovered with silence and showed no signs of any posse member’s fate. The warm cloud was patient and received no mental anticipation from any source.

15. YES AND NO was not a virgin to this scenario. In fact, it is the reason YES AND NO is still not simply YES OR HARDLY NO. This same incident had taken place once before post-pattern battle celebration on DecemberRemember One Hundred and Eleventh Year of the Duplex.

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