Zach Hill – Chapterssssssss 8

Letra “Zach Hill – Chapterssssssss 8” Official Lyrics

8. The Ivory Druids had this same opportunity at one point and failed by the hands of circumstance and of the stars and Big Nature. At the half-second Rules came to exist, The Druids and the Friendless Landscape were in non-sleep trapped by hot hover. By their own subconscious stubbornness and displaced motives they were unable to muster acknowledgment of ultimatum.

9. At that moment, the entrance of Rules into non-reality caused enough anticipation throughout the nature of YES AND NO to obscure the mental strength of The Druids. This startled The Heat Garden and threw haste in its current. The fireball dismissed its guests without regret. Fireworks came by 9 skulls and 5 vacant lots.

10. So it became the destiny of eggless entry to clarify the existence of his surrounding non-existence and the purpose of two posses to bring big love and vibrancy to The Plains. They would give birth and in exchange receive ultimate exchange.

11. Rules used every crumb of thought he had to adopt the practices of the braves. He called on the mountain in his chest to humble the fear. Rules yelled to his brain and it granted permission to his body to rise up into the hovering fireball.

12. The sun’s rind that wore Rules coached him into the adoption of The Heat Garden as its new core. Now Rules had to agree with 111% of himself to sacrifice everyone as a single tribe to be the new center of the reborn sun. This was the choice Rules had won himself by wishing on the same star twice in a first coming crisis. It was stress filled, but a privilege carried by only one creature. Everything that was nothing would want to depend on it.

13. The solar skin promised Rules that by making the sacrifice he and his mates would truly see the beauty in conflict and receive the answers to the answers they gave everyone else. The rind warned answers would not be dialogue but actions. Rules knew they might have an ocean of questions based on their answers, or may not be able to acknowledge the original question. Nevertheless, the braves flexed.

14. If Die and The Grasswarriors, The Purple Tooth and The Knights weren’t all out of order in the sun’s future center, they would encourage sacrifice and resolution for the nothing they loved. This was the beginning endings of YES AND NO and it was going to be one, the other, or neither.

15. When Rules saw absolute sense at 111%, love crumbled and compressed his soul to solid honesty. His love for everything said yes to sacrifice as did The Knights and Grasswarriors. As one they submitted to their fate and progression was uncloaked.

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