Zach Hill – Chaptersssssssss 9

Letra “Zach Hill – Chaptersssssssss 9” Official Lyrics

9. At a quarter of acceptance the solar body suit whipped Rules back into The Heat Garden with his sub-athletic colleagues. The sun’s rind immediately flared from his twilight climate and drank up the central hover. Pink clouds dissected themselves into the sphere and the sun’s rind flocked onto the ball of tribesman and temperature.

10. The dawn of the new sun had started unfalse. Rules was back in the post-slumber tunnel state that Die and the rest of his mates had maintained throughout the prior events. His brain went back on flame and back on bright black.

11. Back in meditation and non-slumber, the sacrifice had never happened as far as Rules and the others that sacrificed themselves could sense. As the rind warned, the group was no longer aware of the initial question. The results were for everything else to witness. The difference that mattered most was that the tribe was burning away in non-sleep without thought in the core of the second coming. The new sun was back on the fringe of false atmosphere and the solar ghosts were ecstatic.

12. When the second-hand crust was completely reinstalled, the ghosts of the rind worshipped the sphere back to the higher skies. At this point, the past and future had deleted themselves from the momental physically. The chart of factual momental only knew the present and even that only held a mini-fractal of relevance. The two tribes were held prisoner by their generosity.

13. Their brains were a bundle of plateaus and expansion exercises. They had no concept of size or the temperatures they inherited. Then reward briskly showed itself within the boundaries of the fractured present. Like time release, each tribesman was confronted one after the other by their trophy of actions. They were given a glimpse of what they came from and its current wealth of optimism.

14. YES AND NO was in a gracious moment and was now purely known as YES. The sacrifice of Rules and the others had made the planets decision based on their own decision to submit to the sun’s rind. The surrender was the answer to the existence of planets and creation. Birth of planets was confirmed by re-birth of the sun.

15. Through conflict, vision, and generosity, the planet was believed in. The dawn of dawns had arrived to all non-existing components. As a unit, universal revolution and the end of the beginning were trusted. Unknowing of each one’s happenings, a dimensional liberation had come by Grasswarriors, Knights, a Purple Tooth, Rules and Die.

16. Little Nature eclipsed with greedless prosper and shared the first half-moment of real talk with Big Nature; all dimensional on one tick for all.

17. The solar tribes mental geography was landless but was divided by optimistic expansion. Feelings were great but still vague on any subject of past and future. They awaited the arrival of something even more alien than where they came from. The future was right behind them and about to attack.

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