Zach Hill – Chapterssssssssss 10

Letra “Zach Hill – Chapterssssssssss 10” Official Lyrics

10. In return, no pair of eyes could spy the core of the sun except those that approached its center of limbo. The posse received focus; individually their personalized outcome was presented to them. The Purple Tooth was first to be shaken from nowhere. By a chocolate wolf and an angel of forgiven envy, the strangers before The Tooth presented him with two eyelids.

11. As fast as the first question struck The Purple Tooth’s thoughts, the lids had opened. The balls inside gazed with a flawless angle and showed no nonsense. The iris appeared to The Tooth as a perfect gap in the mouth it had been missing. The angel and the wolfe placed The Tooth in its gap and jumped into purple eyes that looked within.

12. The Knights were gathered from non-slumber as quickly as the eyelids slammed shut. A hunter with 9 palms stole their sleep and gave each Knight a brick of water. The hunter stuck a palm in each brick and moaned as if he was as close to death as his game. The Knights were sternly told to drink of the bricks and huddle together.

13. As they hugged, the fluid inside of them began to harden. They slowly gelled into a perfect skeletal structure. As the hardened anatomy shaped itself, The Knights lost their minds. The hunter crawled in the rib cage and mediated himself and the newborn bones back to nowhere.

14. Die and The Grasswarriors were next to be socked from unhealthy sleep. Fields of yellow paper and The Squire of Briar Seeds claimed their vision. All the warriors minus Die sprinted into the fields out of fear they’d never felt. The skittish warriors disbanded into the jagged yellow space evenly. Hundreds of paper cuts later, nerve lightning shot each warrior once in the face.

15. The yellow papers burnt up in no moments and fields of deep dark white fouled the acres. A metamorphosis took place and nerve-damaged warriors cocooned to glands and nerve endings. The Squire steamrolled them mentally into sheets of sensitivity. Lightening struck twice tough and the sheets cooked to thick air.

16. Die stood fearless facing The Squire of Briar Seeds. The Squire snapped its fingers in a spiders face and vanished. Die spied a crow mid-flight heading toward him. Die stayed still as the black dart grew closer. The speed of the crow’s shadow on the ground became hypnotizing. Before he could snap out of it the bird’s beak had penetrated his chest at high volume.

17. The crow had knocked Die windless off his feet. It forced and squirmed its way into his body. Die’s mass began growing from the inside out. The bird of another feather began churning from Die’s pores. Without a witness Die had morphed to a feather-light heart of great proportions. Flashes came again and the pulsing boulder gave way to Big Nature.

18. Rules’ ceremony of reward came swift and with soft awakening. He awoke dotted with condensation and was introduced to thumping company. The beautiful face of an ordinary woman was present.

19. The woman’s hand tightly gripped a gold mallet. She spoke nutritional essays with her dimples and held secrets she did not want. Calmly, the young lady broke her own skull in with the gold mallet. Her head was showered with cracks and an entry appeared. Rules looked close by her cowlick and saw every curl of hair she had, and they spelled the woman’s brain. She picked Rules up and stuffed him in her head in a hurry. A red horse spawned from each of her feet and galloped them into the nearest nothing.

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