Zach Hill – Chaptersssssssssss 11

Letra “Zach Hill – Chaptersssssssssss 11” Official Lyrics

11. Each journeyman was now a fixture in joint transition and collaborative metamorphosis. They had now entered the house beyond their athletic thought and physical abilities. With no trace of their original selves, they sat in a seat they could not fathom.

12. The Purple Tooth was now visibly a pair of sights. The Knights were now invisibly an immaculate kit of bones. The Grasswarriors were now invisibly swollen glands and nerve endings. Die was now invisibly a healthy red boulder with a perfect tick. And at last Rules was now invisibly a nutritional mind of over-achievement.

13. Holy smokes laminated this pleasant void. The new world’s anatomy traveled in place and accumulated Big and Little Nature’s relentless pace.

14. A tri-dimensional orchestra performed the simplest piece never performed. Cheering erupted from the body parts and the ensemble worshipped water. The conductor of the orchestra doubled as the agent of simplicity. When the last note rang out from the primitive score of tri-dimension, the anatomy was lateraled.

15. The conductor knew when to pass to Big Nature. It was time to stock the spacecraft with a billion moments worth of walking. The simpletons assembled the glands, nerves, eyes, heart, and brain. The item was placed inside the spacecraft, though the ship was primal and experienced as dirt. It had never broken down so it had never been fixed.

16. Outer Limits knocked on the craft 3 times slowly. The vehicle imploded into the only true moment of reality that ever took place. For a half-second, there was a sense of absoluteness and towers of the obvious stood as tall as you could possibly imagine.

17. The scrolls faded in and throughout all frontiers and holy voids. Dimensional warning and universal advice took anything by one message:

18. Simplify.

19. Simplify.

20. Simplify.

21. Chance is infinite out of our sights. With no dialogue but the day itself, a woman felt something she’d never felt. Any comparison was delusional. On DecemberDoesn’tMatter, an infant with purple eyes and a mountain in its chest hailed from a woman’s vagina. Somewhere something caught up with itself but that thing had seen good before them before.

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