ZaeHD & CEO – Time Travel (Snippet)

Time Travel (Snippet) Lyrics
ZaeHD & CEO – Time Travel (Snippet) Lyrics

Lyrics from Snippet

Verse 1: ZaeHD}
Aye, pop out in the city, get popped like a bitch
Diamonds be hittin’, you see through the tint
Yo diamonds be blurry, I might have to squint
From the back, apply pressure, I might leave a dent
You bought a chain but you ain’t pay yo rent
I’m doin’ straight but bitch you got me bent
Keep talkin’ lil’ bitch and I might take ya piece
Just made a fifty, I started with ten
I got in trouble ? my piece
Good thing there’s ice on my wrist
I’m drinkin’ Scotch and she drinkin’ on Henny
Told her to get in this whip with no benny
She wanna get in but she is a penny
Walk ‘round in designer, walk ‘round with a semi
I got me some money, I got me some money
And it came from rappin’, it’s not from no stimmy
I come from the city where niggas be parkin’ they cars and they bitches be showin’ they titties
I’m swervin’, I’m drivin this Scat Pack through traffic
It’s lemon-lime, I know the people gon’ see it


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