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Zookëper – Watch Me

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Lyrics, Letra: Watch Me – Zookëper
Slitherin I’m creepin
On your love I need it
Oh oh oh oh oh ooh ooh
Whispering your ear is full of all my secrets oh ooh

Wanna wrap myself around you
so you know I’m in control
Cut all your circulation if you try and let me go
Gonna climb up on your body
Get a handle on your throat
Baby just watch the show
BabyJust watch the show

Watch me oh change into the night
watch me chase you from the light
Watch me change into the night
The darkest corner of my mind
Where I might hold you for a while
And you can look me in the eyes and
Watch me oh

Drawing you more in can’t escape my lovin’
Wrapped you in my poison
I’m loving how your drowning

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