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Loco Por Ti – Pipe Calderon

Letras da Musica Amor, yo por ti me estoy muriendo han pasado un par de semanas y siento que te estoy queriendo no quiero parecer intenso es primera vez que me pasa y estoy… Loco por ti y el sabor de tus besos es eterno esperar que me vuelvas a ...

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Pretty Brown Eyes – 11:11

Letras da Musica Girl you know I-I-I (ah yeah baby) Pretty brown ey-ey-eyes (yeah yeah yeah yeah) Girl you know I-I-I I’m falling in love (ah yeah baby) Pretty brown ey-ey-eyes I’m falling in love (yeah yeah yeah yeah) First of let me calm down to my senses ‘Cause your ...

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For You – Liam Payne, Rita Ora

Letras da Musica In your eyes, I’m alive Inside you’re beautiful Something so unusual In your eyes I know I’m home (yeah) Every tear, every fear Gone with the thought of you Changing what I thought I knew I’ll be yours for a thousand lives I’m free as a bird ...

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Take My Hand – Johnny Balik

Letras da Musica Don’t just tell me how you feel, baby Come on and show me, show me, show me something Why don’t you move in just a little closer? Right now Go on and show me if its real, baby All of love that you could give in to ...

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Temporary Love – Camilo

Temporary Love – Camilo Letras da Musica Yo so, so like, tell me what it is like, are we leaving or what? Nah, Nah, Nah you ain’t gotta bring your girls and shit, like Nah, it’s not one of those, low them They seem like they’re having fun, like Just ...

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Movimiento Wild – Échele Miel feat. Brian Cálar

Movimiento Wild – Échele Miel feat. Brian Cálar Letras da Musica Porque el verano ya llegó, oh, oh, oh Sube la temperatura mientras tu cuerpo suda Mami, esto se baila lento moviendo la cintura El movimiento es sensual, de eso no hay duda Baby, si no lo entiendes, te doy ...

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