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Unfortunate Soul – Kailee Morgue

Letras da Musica wooden cage where I lay would you let me out to play in the graveyard I think It´s time ⦁ Song Lyrics Not Available: Send the lyrics of this song. In the form ⦁ A letra desta musica não está disponível, Envie no formulário abaixo! Ajude a ...

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Fairplay – Kiana Ledé

Letras da Musica I think it’s kind of funny You could say you love me Turn around and play me, yeah I think it’s kind of funny You say things you don’t mean Underestimate me, yeah I have always done right by you Said you’re never going to lie, liar ...

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Microphones & Lights – Dylan Dunlap

Microphones & Lights – Dylan Dunlap Letras da Musica Hey future, you’re not my friend. You are far away from here, But close enough to fear. I think I think too much in the end, Of the footprint I will make, And every step I’ll never take, oh. Please, Future, ...

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Machika – JBalvin

Letras da Musica Yo Jeon, yah [Verso 1: J Balvin] Vamo’, vamo’ a romper (hey) No hay tiempo pa’ perder (hey) De la disco pal’ motel (uh) Más mala que Anabelle Baila y todos le hacen coro Te deja marca’o como el zorro No pierdo mi tiempo, es oro Todo ...

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Vogue – Mia Vaile

Letras da Musica You’ve got this dress, laced up sheer collar Million dollar lover, on the other side of town You’ve got the strangers looking at you And they wonder where you’re off to Maybe Paris is homebound But then the day it ends And you lie awake in your ...

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Money – Mia Vaile

Letras da Musica Just know Just know Just know, that i’ve missed you so so so But its a shame that I’m caught up in my own shit With the cash flow, but you know i’ll still say hello I’ve been so sleepless, a little too high A little too ...

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