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Even If I Don’t – Stello

Lyrics, Letras da Musica Eyes closed and I’m lying at the base of the counter Thinking abuzz and waiting for her I should go and fix some supper, pour a tall glass of water But it’ll be the same thing if I don’t, ’cause Even if I don’t get so ...

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One Day – Major Murphy

Lyrics, Letras da Musica Baby, it’s just a single day, yeah Feelin’ so far away, yeah Believe me You, all that I wanna see, yeah Every part of me, yeah Movin’, into the dark of the night All the way down, deep inside, ooh And, mama, I think you got ...

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Mystery Girl (Letra) – Alexandra Savior

Mystery Girl (Letra) – Alexandra Savior Letras da musica: In my mind, I’ve acquired a tangle I can’t undo I’ve been thinking about nothing else Lately Does it feel as if somebody’s keeping an eye on you? Peripheral vision Playing tricks on you Awooh ‘been meaning to say I just ...

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