Lyrics BigWalkDog – Whole Nother League

BigWalkDog – Whole Nother League [Official Music Video] Lyrics
[Intro] Uh, ha
(Pablo crazy for this motherfucker)
Big one-eleven, 1017, man
Ha, hey
Hey, hey

[Chorus] Look, you gotta know that I’m in a whole ‘nother league
The pressure been applied ‘fore **** dropped, “pushin P”
Prolly in the Vells suite, I’m at the game with the cheat
Ain’t no one know BC, watch that nigga, OB
Slow feed, don’t eat, you just slow in these streets
Cuz said, “Nobody, no justice, no peace”
Country nigga at the bank with a modified Jeep (Ha)
House shows on my feet, long money my receipt
[Verse] Tell a bank tellеr, “All blues, no pink” (Please)
It’s a dopе boy twenty, I blow that with my people
Never leave the house again if I don’t go with my heater
Whole truck full of cutters, got that bitch from Jeepers Creepers (Ha)
Bet you gotta spend a M if you tryna be a nigga, and I can’t be fuckin’ with you
They ain’t show, don’t see a nigga
Who they gon’ check? Nigga really see these killers
Know they upset, I’m fresher than a Easter picture
And I’m the type of nigga, I ain’t never in the middle
I’ll sleep on the floor ‘fore I talk into pillows
When you one years old and you a million-dollar nigga
Hey, if you get the picture (Hey), it won’t be a issue
Wonder when you gone, do they love you? Do they miss you?
Mama, black dress, black shades, white T-shirt
Killer masked up, Max Payne, two pistols
And he pop jiggas, and he pop niggas
How he gon’ lose if he got a Glock wit’ him?
Real go-getter, wrong gang, right nigga
Comin’ off the hip, he ain’t finna fight with ya
He don’t know Yak, but he will snipe niggas
He don’t know Pooh, he a real shiesty nigga
He don’t know dude, better have his pipe wit’ him
He don’t know you, then it’s out of sight with you
Up like a kite with you, gone ‘fore the night get here, damn
And I still wanna know what you know ‘bout it
Say you don’t like me, okay, cool, how you gon’ go ‘bout it?
6K one night, lost four choppers
Cuz in the pin, another strike, mean pro model
When they say they need five, give four dollars
You would really trip ‘cause I ain’t give you one more dollar?
Money bring envy and the diamond bring the ho out her
Stick up in the club when I’m rapping, this my show chopper
Pussy-ass nigga, they gon’ send like so off ‘em
Vibin’ in Miami, like Jace, I got four pockets
I be eating at the end, nobody need nobody
Pistol up in both pockets, he don’t even know ‘bout it
One was in the head when I bought it, I ain’t know cockin’ (Ha)
[Outro] Hey (Ha)
Hey, one was in the head when I bought it, I ain’t know cockin’ (Ha, ha)
Big one-eleven

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