Lyrics Brizzle Man – Niniola (Hajarat)

Lyrics Brizzle Man – Niniola (Hajarat)
Nini, Niniola
Niniola témí ni kân
I always love u, I always do
I never have anyone in my heart!
You are D only one I love
You are D only one I need
Everyday, every hour,
Every month, every moment

Iwó nikán ní mô férān
I don’t really do in cheating u
I always love u
I keep my heart for u
If my body could be opened, I will show u
And you really see, how I love u
Me I always love u, like i always do

And, I know u truly love me
So let the love be just together
We will be together every day
I always love u,
Me i always, i always, i always, I always
I love my baby

Hajarah baby girl
Ibrahim truly love u
I no dey use u to play
Me, I always do in loving u
Nobody could ever collect u from my hand

Me I want u to be my wife
I want u to give me a blessed child
I want u, u are my everything
U are my world, u are my everything,
U are D word I speak
u are, u are, u are my friend, my parent,
My heir, my world, my God

Baby girl you are, u are
U are D only one I always do In loving u
Baby mi, me I love you everyday
Hajarah duro timi
Hajarah two love, one love
I always, I love u baby girl
I will propose to u very soon
I truly love u

Am just using dis as example of something of love,
Me I always show
I really show you Dat I truly love you
Baby mi, I truly love u gáàn
I no dey use to dey play
I truly love hajarah baby mi, Niniola

Amidah, Sammy, Olamide
Hajarah, Olami, Sammy, Niniola

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