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Anxiety – Blackbear ft. FR

Letras da Musica Yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah Every time you cross my mind, you get right under my skin Am I crazy out my mind the situation I’m in And it gets harder just to breathe, feel like the walls are closing in But all I need is some ...

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Regina George – Blackbear & 24hrs

Letras da Musica Intro: blackbear & 24hrs Yeah 24hrs and you know it’s blackbear Yeah, yeah Verse 1: blackbear It’s a damn good thing Talk is cheap ‘cause you can’t afford the clothes you’re wearing Daddy money, credit Cut the card, someone’s headed Gotta flex on ‘em Brandy, Carrie, one ...

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G2g ttyl – Blackbear ft. THEY.

G2g ttyl – Blackbear ft. THEY. Letras da Musica Ooh, ayy I would know exactly how you felt but we don’t talk now Used to hold you naked in my arms, I know you’re gone now Everything was right and now it’s wrong now It’s how I’m feeling on god ...

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Santa Monica & La Brea – Blackbear

Santa Monica & La Brea – Blackbear Letras da Musica On the way down to your house Santa monica and la brea Watch the vampire score some dope Tie my shoes, run through your mind What if we never met? Wondering in pointless conversations What if we never said “hello” ...

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