Letra Thulcandra – Velvet Damnation

Velvet Damnation – Thulcandra Lyrics, Letra:

Passing through the crimson thorns
I’m purified in velvet damnation
Above the light, below the night
In blood red skies, damnation so bright

In purity, in dark worlds beyond
In eternity, we unleash the bond
The children of the scorn enshrined
Their souls and flesh entwined

Guide me – unleash the final call
Grant me – a higher ecstasy
Hear the cries – your souls are torn apart
Pierce the lies – disdain the putrid heart
The gods arise – when the sky turns crystal clear
Heaven’s bleeding – when the aeons disappear

Guide me – the twilight prophecy
Grant me – unhallowed invocation
Hear the cries – the curse of forbidden light
Pierce the lies – With the fire of your might
The gods arise – when astral worlds collide
Heaven’s bleeding – when the fallen angels rise

Walking through the gates of light
In Crimson tears, eternal cries
We fade to black, at the seventh night

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