Letra Thulcandra – In The Eye Of Heaven

In The Eye Of Heaven – Thulcandra Lyrics, Letra:

Eternal black is all I see, I’m sworn forever be
Beyond all wasted life, my shadows in your eyes
Infernal purity, I’m bound forever be
At the dawn of sanity, longing for eternity

In the eye of heaven, we embrace the storm
In a final elegy, the faded one reborn

At nightfall – Under the blackened skies
Unhallowed – Beyond the stars and Moon

In thousand years of burning darkness
We embraced the dead
A firestorm hits with rotten blood
We behold the hidden source of light

Unhallowed flesh departs, an infernal deadly curse
Now sign your destiny, with blood as legacy
So come with me, into the frozen night
Forever it will be, the everlasting light
Dancing shadows, lead by bats, ravens and crows
The coward burning free, forever we will be

The eternal flames of crawling chaos, we praise the fallen
With thunder and lightning, t eh glorious divine
We salute the kingdom of the night

Above the saviors lies
Below the hatred and doomed

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