The Real Goonie Jay – Beef and Brocs Lyrics

Beef and Brocs Lyrics:

Talk to my demons
I sleep everyday and wake up in the evening
Rappers be hating
They call it beefing I call it competing
But I ain’t a fool I got sticks with repeaters
And bump stocks
Fuck a stock
I was in the traphouse movin hot
I put my timbs on beef and brocs
I was in the tenth grade sippin wock
Made it to the honor roll and brought my Glock
They know I’m built for it
Built different
I heard he switched on me went missing
I put a switch on it let it kiss him
I put the weed in the bam
They know who I am I never do raws
I walk in the bank and they open the drawer
Goonie gang Goonie Jay Goonie genetics they know who we are
Primary never secondary gotta pay me like a boss
I see the opposition looking at me crazy but they never set it off
I feel like new da Vinci I been painting pictures cuz my bitch a work of art

Its crazy how they snake you once than get mad at you when you come back with venom
I just spent thirty thousand on another whip
And I do not regret it
I give a front once if he fuck it up
We might kill his ass for credit
I be with scholars and the felons
I bring the drama and the pressure
Goonie genetics they know we embedded they know that we setting the bar high
Judge on appearance I bet you regret I swear that I’m really the wrong guy
I got a suit in the room but right under my jacket I’m toting a dirty 9

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