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Unser Weg (Letra) – Blutengel

Unser Weg (Letra) – Blutengel Letras da musica: Hälst du dich für einen besseren Menschen? spielst du gerne Gott? Entscheidest du über Leben und Tod gibst du uns die Richtung vor? (Hälst du dich für einen besseren Menschen? spielst du gerne Gott?) Du kannst uns nicht bekehren denn wir spielen ...

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Ashes To Ashes (Letra) – Sirenia

Ashes To Ashes (Letra) – Sirenia Letras da musica: I stare into the eyes of sleep, the never waking Two feet wide and six feet deep, my new realm waiting Beneath the flowers and the fields That’s where my new journey begins The roots are embracing me now Feel the ...

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Cloud Nine (letra) – Sirenia

Cloud Nine (letra) – Sirenia Letras da musica: You’re standing in the hall Staring at the wall Your eyes are cold and sad, bloodred Your sanity was misled, left for dead Failed to walk the line Fallen off cloud nine Did you lose your mind When did you fall behind ...

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Fifth Column (letra) – Sirenia

Fifth Column (letra) – Sirenia Letras da musica: Who are you? Who deceives your fatherland Deceives your consanguine, your kin And when your heartland burns Where will you then turn Will you wash your bloody hands, at the end When all the walls come crumbling down Your fields are bleeding ...

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