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Your Light – Jon Thurlow

Letras da Musica I don’t believe I ever knew That my life was full of emptiness All I was really looking for was some temporary happiness I was lost Moving from the next thing to the next thing In the dark Thinking it was okay, it was okay Until You ...

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Al compás de la vida – Requiebros

Letras da Musica I Al compás de la vida, voy viviendo a mi manera, le voy buscando el sabor, a las cositas más buenas. Al compás de la vida, me van sobrando las fiestas, busco los ratos sencillos, esos de un día cualquiera. Al compás de la vida, voy buscando ...

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Maryanne – Ryan Amador

Letras da Musica Beast in the belly, for your son’s been slain Awful sorry Maryanne Seems like you gave birth yesterday Back and forth and back again Speed didn’t kill him, nor the century’s pace Awful sorry Maryanne He went to war, fought for that power game Back and forth ...

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MATA – Mojofly

Letras da Musica kumusta na nandyan ka pa ba wala na yatang ibang magagawa kundi tumawa nandyan pa ba mga ala-ala ang tanging bagay na naiwan sa ‘ting dalawa wag nang paikutin ang isa’t isa lahat ng bagay ay malinaw na di na rin kailangan pagpilitan pa di mo na ...

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Hide In Your She – Supertramp

Letras da Musica Hide in your shell cos the world is out to bleed you for a ride What will you gain making your life a little longer? Heaven or Hell, was the journey cold that gave you eyes of steel? Shelter behind painting your mind and playing joker Too ...

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Sober – Tom Grennan

Letras da Musica The way you stand there in your three striped shell toes and The way your hair dances, it’s clear you want all eyes on you It’s all eyes on you And though I know that I won’t get no answers, I I just can’t stop from indulging ...

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