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Pick Up – PLAZA

Letras da Musica Tell me I’m changing I know I ain’t living right and you You say I’m drinking too much, taking too much and it scares you I never let it come between me and the music You hate the fact that it came in between me and you ...

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Bags Right – Ar’mon And Trey

Letras da Musica Uhh Huhhh Yeaaahh Uhh Huhhh Got my bags right got my swag right If you act right you gone get this act right Got my bags right got my swag right If you act right you gone get this act right straight up I’ve been contemplating pulling ...

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All Mine – PLAZA

All Mine – PLAZA Letras da Musica Meet me when the sun goes down Ring ring once you get downtown In so deep, baby can’t fix this Like a user, baby I’m addicted to it You get in my backseat See you gettin naked in the rearview Oh, I’m up ...

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In the Dark – Camila Cabello

Letras da Musica Blank stares, faithless Vampires at the same places Shadow, traces I know that you feel me, you’re Runnin’, runnin’, runnin’, runnin’ Making the rounds with all your fake friends Runnin’, runnin’ away from it You can strip down without showing skin, I I can see you’re scared ...

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Better On Me – Pitbull

Letras da Musica [Pitbull] You have to have vision to understand love is blind, talk to ‘em Ty [Ty Dolla $ign] It’s been a while and you found somebody else They say you really doing good for yourself But I know you out there feeling so lonely As far as ...

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Here 4 Ya – Paper Lovee

Letras da Musica No need to cry Ooh girl I know when you lie, yeah And girl there’s no need to cry, ‘cause you know I’m here for you And girl you know when you cry, I’ll wipe your tears for you And girl I know when you lyin’, ‘cause ...

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