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Phantom (Letra) – Self Sepultura

Phantom (Letra) – Self Sepultura Letras da musica: What happened to me? Felt like I had everything Such a big catastrophe but I had deal with the struggle It all began passing life so easily Ready for almost anything, but it took a different direction Then, one night, sharp turns. ...

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I Am The Enemy (Letra) – Sepultura

I Am The Enemy (Letra) – Sepultura Letras da musica: Open your mind and pay attention What do you see and what do you hear Conspiracy plots in this culture of fear Reunite with yourself Reconnect with ourselves Facing the blind of collective delusion I need my freedom from this ...

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Ultraseven no Uta (Letra) – Sepultura

Ultraseven no Uta (Letra) – Sepultura Letras da musica: Sebun sebun sebun! Sebun sebun sebun! Haruka na hoshi ga furusato ga Urutorasebun faitaa sebun Urutorasebun sebun sebun Susume! gniga no hatemademo Urutora ai de spaaku! Sebun sebun sebun! Sebun sebun sebun! Moroboshi dan no na wo karite Urutorasebun hiirou sebun ...

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Shiantara (Letra) – Edenbridge

Shiantara (Letra) – Edenbridge Letras da musica: Dead calm Cold steam I saw you in a dark and recurring dream An inner journey To wake the leaping flame The memory of ages overcame The spur of the moment See who is friend and foe The common feelings long ago A ...

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