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Levitate Letra – Macklemore feat. Otieno Terry

Levitate Letra – Macklemore feat. Otieno Terry Letras da Musica I said, woo, don’t make me Break out the Valour suit and the Stacey’s Give me a baseline and a break beat Fuck around on the dance floor make a baby, watch me Got a cane with a gold tip ...

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Intentions Letra – Macklemore (feat. Dan Caplen)

Intentions Letra – Macklemore (feat. Dan Caplen) Letras da Musica [Macklemore:] I wanna be sober, but I love getting high Wanna give it a hundred percent, but I’m too afraid to try I wanna be faithful, but love hooking up with randos I wanna live by the law, but still ...

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Excavate Letra – Macklemore (feat. Saint Claire)

Letras da Musica Fill my lungs up, pour my heart out, peel my bones away Grab my window, shut my shutters, excavate my pain If I could read the world my notebook and these thoughts in it Would they judge me or love me for what I’ve written? Tryna get ...

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Corner Store Letra – Macklemore Ft Dave B & Travis Thompson

Letras da Musica Corner store, 2 A.M Got some mango high-chews, a bag of chips Rollin’ through the city and we hide behind the tints In the Benzo, got the Swisher out the window, then we dip Posted at the corner store, posted at the corner store Posted at the ...

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