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Little Bitch (Letra) – Awakening

Little Bitch (Letra) – Awakening Letras da musica: Oh my dear can you feel this? You held the knife, so cut your hate off You don’t need to resist! How could you lie in front of my eyes? How could you stab me in the back When I lead you ...

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Ricochet (Letra) – Starset

Ricochet (Letra) – Starset Letras da musica: And we were born Over the world We were flying through the satellites We had a hold of the lightning strikes When we should’ve been afraid of heights And I was trying just to get you And now I’m dying to forget you ...

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Back To The Earth (Letra) – Starset

Back To The Earth (Letra) – Starset Letras da musica: Isolated, I succumb to the weight of the world Separated, I fall from the sky Is this death or rebirth? Falling back to the earth (Falling, falling) (Falling, falling) (Falling, falling) (Falling) I ignite, engine call Jettison, all I know ...

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Marionetes (Letra) – Quimere

Marionetes (Letra) – Quimere Letras da musica: A dança do pagador Migalhas de rancor Marchando um por um Na causa de alguns Marionetes cordenadas Coordenadas por seu rei Conquistando as estradas Mesmos cerebros, talvez Solitario pescador Em areias se afogou Sua terra sem valor Esperando um redentor Esquecidos por seu ...

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