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Wicked Game – Max Oazo ft. CAMI

Letras da Musica The world is on fire and no one can save me but you It’s strange what desire will make foolish people do I’d never dream that I’d meet somebody like you I’d never dream that I’d lose somebody like you No I don’t want to fall in ...

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DYSYLM – Breathe Carolina & Sunstars

Letras da Musica Say you really want me, wnat me Tell me that you need me, need me Give me all your reasons for leaving But don’t you say you love me Call me on the weekend, weekend Let me know you’re freaking, freaking And listen to the reasons for ...

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Blame – Ekali & ZHU

Letras da Musica [Verse: ZHU] You say that I’m not the reason The reason for you to stay (to stay) Sometimes you got to believe in Believe I’m not causing shame Never thought I’d hear you say I’ll be the push when you need your space Every time I hear ...

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Long Silent – Mounika

Letras da Musica Si il y a le naturel parfait, le bonheur de deux individus arrivent à être confondu Oh écoutes, tu exagères quand même Ce n’est pas vrai L’extrême bonheur anéanti l’espérance

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On My Way – Tobtok

Letras da Musica I know they say if you play with fire You’re only gonna get yourself burned But I like how it feels when it’s close to me I guess I’ll never learn As the midnight sky falls down around me I’ll make diamonds from the dust I don’t ...

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Breathe – Jonas Aden & Kings

Letras da Musica I don’t need your call, wondering where I am Wondering I’ve been. I don’t need you at all, to tell me who I am Making all these plans. Cause I love what we’ve begun, but I’m not who I become. I’m burning up, I’m bowing out. I’ve ...

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