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La Energia Norteña – Eres Divina

Eres Divina – La Energia Norteña Lyrics, Letra: Personas como tu quedan muy pocas ya lo supe desde el día en que yo te conocí yo que besé bastante otras bocas ya ninguna como tu me hizo feliz Me gustas porque eres diferente amor hasta yo mismo he comprendido al …

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Vicetone – Waiting ft. Daisy Guttridge

Waiting – Vicetone ft. Daisy Guttridge Lyrics, Letra: Verse 1: Daisy Guttridge I know I haven’t called you And it’s been a few months since I tried to Maybe I’m scared of saying the wrong thing My palm has been shaking From the weight of a heart that’s breaking Pretend …

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Leafs & Jacin Trill – MY Slime

MY Slime – Leafs & Jacin Trill Lyrics, Letra: Intro Jordan Knows K-K-K-K-Kranki Pre-Chorus: Leafs Bro, dit voelt echt niet real (Nuh-uh) On stage, het publiek doet wild Ik heb dit never gevoeld Baby, turn it up, you get me though Let’s get it Chorus: Leafs Heb je de show …

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