Neverending weekend, sc2un sh4re, shibes – Iwouldwait

Letra “Neverending weekend, sc2un sh4re, shibes – Iwouldwait” Official Lyrics Bridge I ? thought you looked ? That you could try and fall asleepWaiting for somethingBut I would wait for you ? Watching you drift awayInto the unknownYou could sleep for a million yearsAnd I’d still be there so thatI can see your eyes againLooking back …

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Septicflesh – Underworld (Act I)

Letra “Septicflesh – Underworld (Act I)” Official Lyrics Verse 1: Natalie Rassoulis, Sotiris Vayenas & Natalie Rassoulis TranquilityHow necessaryHow boring it can be Bridge: Sotiris Vayenas The liquid void has no earsTo receive the consolation of the surface Interlude: Kostas Tzanokostakis Maybe it’s better that way (Maybe it’s better that …

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