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Will He – Joji

I got knots all up in my chest (up in my chest, up in my chest) Just know I’m trying my best (I’m trying my best) ‘Cause when you look (when you look) When you laugh (when you laugh) When you smile (when you smile) I’ll bring you back (bring ...

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Birthday Letra – K. Michelle

Birthday Letra – K. Michelle Letras da Musica You know what will happen when we connect right? (Rock boy beats) I let you know you worthy Hitmaka (That nigga Leg got the juice now) Ow! It’s your birthday baby, whatcha wanna do? Got some bitches, got some pretty bitches coming ...

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Walls Letra – Derek Minor ft. Urban Rescue

Letras da Musica We build walls All around us, all around us Try to keep what we don’t know At a distance, at a distance We don’t listen Now if I stood on a corner and asked you for $2 for a Whopper Would you let your cynicism stop you? ...

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Alone Letra – CaRter

Alone Letra – CaRter Letras da Musica i’m diving underwater since you left me in the dirt still trying to be honest sometimes that shit just don’t work cause anxiety gets the best of me when i’m tryna sleep wide awake thinkin about my mistakes, how can i be someone ...

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