Letra Centaurworld – Last Lullaby, Pt. 1

Last Lullaby, Pt. 1 – Centaurworld Letra, Lyrics:

[Woman] What a pity to behold
Rest now tormented soul
Don’t you know I would have loved you the way you were

[Woman and Elktaur] Hush now
Time to move on evermore, to
Open your very last door
I’ll be here to help turn the key
(You’ll be here to help turn the key)
When you leave
I will at least have peace
(I will at least have peace)
And our world will finally be free
(My love, you’re finally free)

[Woman] Quiet
I am now ready to silence
All of this poison you fed me
Thinking I’d never grow wise

You’ll die
And so will all your lies
When I see the light leaving your eyes

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