Lyrics Fall Out Boy – Flu Game

Fall Out Boy – Flu Game (Official Audio) Lyrics
I guess to you now
I’m just a face in the crowd
Oh God, kinda please would you kill me now
Late at night
In my room
Lie awake
Think of you
And all your little dooms

Last night I dreamt I still knew you
I carved out a place in this world for two
But it’s empty without you

I’ve got
All this love I’ve got to keep to myself
All this effort to make it look effortless

Confront all the pain
Like a gift under the tree
Oh please
I can’t be who you need me to be
I grind in the sunshine
Grind in the rain
So real that I feel fake

Someday every candle’s gotta run out of wax
Someday no one will remember me when they look back
Can’t stop can’t stop til we catch all your ears though
Somewhere between Mike Tyson and Van Gogh
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